Privacy Policy

XYZPhoto takes your privacy very seriously. So we have a privacy policy covering how to collect, use and store your information. Any time you contact XYZPhoto, you may be asked to provide personal information, such as the system version you need when you purchase our products and services, interact with our website and online forums, or communicate with our sales or customer service personnel. XYZPhoto version information.

What personal information do we collect

XYZPhoto collects the following information in order to provide better quality products and services to all of our users. Among them, XYZPhoto will never collect the content you generated or converted using the software. You can rest assured that the security of the conversion, generation, and viewing content is collected. for:

Download usage, including: crash log, download time, open times, device model, start times, software model, system version number, etc.

Content uploaded to the website. In general, for any personal information or content that you voluntarily disclose online, we require the file storage service company to strictly fulfill its data confidentiality obligations. If the business is not performed, we will pursue its legal responsibility and terminate cooperation with it.

How we use your personal information

If you submit personally identifiable information to us through XYZPhoto, we may use your personal information in order to maintain, optimize, and provide better and more personalized features of this website and process any reports and emails you send to us.

We will not use your email address or other personally identifiable information when sending business or marketing information without consent, unless it is a specific program or feature that you can voluntarily choose to join or opt out of. For non-marketing and management purposes (such as notifying you of major website updates or for customer service purposes), we may use your email address.

Without consent, XYZPhoto will not provide any personally identifiable information about you to third-party ad servers or ad networks, unless it is a specific plan or function that you can choose to join or opt out of. Please note that if an advertiser asks XYZPhoto to show you ads to certain audiences (such as men aged 18-34) or audience groups (such as men aged 18-24 who have watched certain categories of content), and you also In response, the advertiser or ad server may determine that you are the target audience. Advertisers may also use information about your use of this website, such as the number of times you view advertisements (without any personally identifiable information), to determine which advertisements to push to you.

Privacy policy changes and problem solving

XYZPhoto may revise this privacy policy from time to time. If we restructure, merge, acquire or sell our assets, your information may be transferred as part of the relevant transaction. In any such transfer of information, your user information will comply with any similar commitments in the previous privacy policy.

If you have any questions or questions about this privacy policy, please contact us in the following ways.

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